Trends Computers offer four core services  

Rentals: We offer rentals solutions for a full line of top brand PCs, laptops, servers and associated peripherals, wired and wireless networkingdevices, laser printers, UPS, lcd projectors, flat panels, plasma screens, and other IT equipments .

Repairs: We offer repairing services customized to meet technical support requirement of home and small business users. We focus on delivering quality services in the most cost effective manner. You can consult us about anything in computers from routine maintenance to solving complex problems.

Annual maintenace contract:
Incase you require a regular service agreement or occasional emergency help-desk support, we can customize a service and support solution to suit your requirements. We can provide you with a support and service contract to keep your computer systems and network at peak performance.

Sales: We provide Destop computers, Laptops and different computer periferals at the highest level of quality in the most competitive rates possible. We assure guaranteed top quality performance of all our equipments and enhanced system productivity at any given point of time.

Data Recovery: Lost data? Don't panic! We can help you. Trend provides professional data recovery services. We know from experience that automatic recovery utilities often make matters worse. We offer data recovery services such as hard disk recovery, raid recovery, tape recovery, photo recovery and more. Choose Data Recovery from Trend. Our experience and state of the art technology gives you piece of mind.

A virus, a disk crash, poor safety routines, errors when upgrading or installing software, lack of maintenance or simply as the result of an accident may have caused the damage. In extreme siutations the storage unit may have been submerged underwater or rescued from a fire. Whatever your predicament Trend has it's solution. Our experienced engineers are ready to help you 24/7. We recover data with an optimal result at minimal risk.





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